Miss Stardust International
Miss Stardust International
Miss Stardust International

Miss Stardust International

What is Miss Stardust Interational all  about ?

Miss Stardust International is a traditional pageant, there is no need to make appearances, there is no compulsory fund-raising to do, no need to collect 'likes' on social media. Judging will be done on final day.

Where does the entry fee go?
The whole of the entry fee goes into the pageant. Once the venue, sashes, crowns and service charges are covered all money left will be used to make up the prize package for each section.

Who can take part in Miss Stardust ?

Any lady over the age of 4 , we have a section for every age.

Why choose Miss Stardust ?

Miss Stardust International can be the perfect pageant if ........................

You have never taken part in a pageant before.
You would like to be involved with a pageant but do not want to be tied or committed to one system.
You would like to raise awareness of issues/good cause.
You would like to network.
You would like a run through for another final you may have coming up.
If you just want to have FUN.
If you would like advice, help and pageant training from our team of International winners and judges.

'Wear Sparkles Not Fur'